Saturday, 5 January 2013

Review: Lush's Mint Julips

Hello again! (I can now say this as I am positive other people have viewed my blog- woop woop!)

So the other day, I was in town for a quick buy-things-that-you-need trip but Lush, and it's twirling window display literally picked me up and put me in the shop. (that's what I told mum, hahah). I ended up handing over my beloved money and walking away with one of those cool carnival-esque paper bags. 

Among other things, I bought Mint Julips, one of the famous Lush lip scrubs. I tested all three out in the shop, and decided I wanted to get Bubblegum (no prize on what that tastes like). They didn't have any in stock though, and instead of being a calm, patient person, Shoppers' Syndrome came over me and I decided I would buy Mint Julips (my second favourite).

Mint Julips
Mint Julips has a mint chocolate flavour, and although I don't like mint chocolate, I quite like the taste of this. The scrub is really nice! It exfoliates your lips, but isn't too harsh, as the granules melt in your mouth. It is also totally okay to eat, so you don't have to walk around like someone has staple-gunned your mouth from the inside.

The scrub itself!

I guess it is a little pricey at £5.25, but the jar is 25g, which is quite a bit in lip-scrub-using units (I completely made that up...). I like the fact that it is a natural product too, so it doesn't contain the chemicals that other products would. It also tells you when it was made, who made it, and when it expires on the bottom of the jar, which is a nice touch in my opinion. (Hey Pawel, thanks for making my lip scrub on 6/12/12!- if you ever read this..which you won't...).

I've had the cheeriest day ever, sorry for the quirkiness. I hope my first follower comes soon,



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