Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Hair!

Personally I don't think my hair is any different to other peoples' hair, except for the fact that *touch wood* it is relatively healthy. Quite a few of my friends have recently asked me what I do with my hair and what I use, so I thought it would be a nice idea to do a post about it. all of the details, prices and links of the products will be at the end.

So, starting with the shower. I use the Kerastase Bain Satin shampoo in level 1. For conditioner, I use the Kerastase Lait Vital in level 1. My hair is normal to very slightly dry, so level 2/3 is a bit much for me. Both products are full of nutrients and I love the way they make my hair feel soft and shiny.

Shampoo and Conditioner
If I ever want to treat the ends of my hair with something a little thicker, I use the Nice'N'Easy Colourseal Gloss for Brunettes. It is for coloured hair, but I have honestly never used a more effective mask, and the price is perfectly reasonable. It comes in Brunette, Blonde, and Red, so you can pick the one for your hair colour.

The mask
When I get out of the shower, I towel-dry my hair and use the Shu Uemura Satin Design Polishing Milk. This is a lovely leave-in cream for the hair, and helps smooth down rebellious ends. It is a little more pricey, but the bottle will last for well over 6 months.

Leave-in cream
Next, I brush my hair with a Tangle Teezer. I think this is one of the main products I need to thank for stopping breakage. If your hair is always knotting and breaking, this may well make your year! I have the full size in purple (LIKE ZOELLA- WOO!) and the travel size in pink. The travel size has a lid too, so it is great for a handbag.

Tangle Teezer (left), Tangle Teezer travel size (right)
On a normal day, this would be it. I would just leave my hair to dry and go about my business. I used to style my hair all the time, but it left me with a sea of split ends and hardly any hair, so one day, I braved my natural hair. I trimmed off the dead hair, and I now only style it about 2-3 times a month.
If I do decide to style my hair, I first use the Tresemme Heat Defence to protect my hair. This protects up to 230 degrees, which is higher than most straighteners go, and is very affordable.

Heat Spray
When I had short hair, I liked straightening it to make it look longer and sleeker. I don't straighten it much anymore, but I do still recommend the Babyliss Pro 230 Styler. I got mine for about £20 from Tesco and I think it's really good. I have used more expensive ones, and sure, they come in nice colours and nice pouches, but they perform exactly the same.

Right now, I have been liking the Babyliss Pro Curl 210. I like the loose curls it creates, as they are straighter than my natural hair, so it leaves me with the Kate Middleton look.

(L-R) Babyliss Pro 230 Styler, Babyliss Pro Curl 210, Babyliss Waving Wand

When my hair grows out a little more, I'm going to start using the Babyliss Waving Wand. it creates really effortless waves, but my hair is too short to pull it off just yet.

Finally, I like the L'Oreal Elnett Flexible Hold hairspray. I hardly ever use hairspray though, as my hair usually stays put. Instead, as a finishing spray, I use Tigi S Factor Shiny Happy People. It smells like strawberries and cream, leaving the hair shiny and very attractive.

L'Oreal Hairspray (left), Finishing Spray (right)

This has been a HUGE post. Thank you, if you made it this far! 

See you soon,


Kerastase Bain Satin 1 (shampoo)
Kerastase Lait Vital 1 (conditioner)
Nice'N'Easy Colourseal Gloss (mask)
Shu Uemura Satin Design Polishing Milk (leave-in cream)
Tangle Teezer (full size)
Tangle Teezer (travel size) 
Tresemme Heat Defence Spray
Babyliss Pro 230 Straightener
Babyliss Pro Curl 210 (tongs)
Babyliss Waving Wand
L'Oreal Elnett Flexible Hold
Tigi S Factor Shiny Happy People (finishing spray)


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