Friday, 25 January 2013

My Favourite Accessories!

Hello again!

I'm back today with a run down of my favourite accessories. Up until last year, I wore barely any jewelry for some reason, just a watch and a pair of studs (if you can even call that jewelry!). Recently, I have been making an effort to add some accessories to my outfits, and I thought it would be nice to share some of my most used pieces.

First, my watch. I have a pale pink Swatch, which I got as a present for doing well in an exam. I think they cost around £40, which isn't too bad for a watch. I like it a lot, though I am on the look out for a more sophisticated watch, if I ever want to go for an interview or something.

Swatch Rose Rebel
Usually with my watch, I wear my Pandora bracelets. I have two leather ones (black and grey), and a silver one. The leather ones cost around £40 I think, which is nice if you want to get someone something a little more special. The silver ones are a bit more, but will probably be more practical. I have 3 charms on mine- a rabbit, a strawberry and a book. You can thread charms on leather ones too, but it wears them out quickly, and can stretch them. The charms vary in price, starting at about £15.

My Pandoras
I don't wear many other bracelets, and the only two others I can say I wear on a regular basis are my Moustache bracelet, which is from Accessorize for £4, and my 'Love' bracelet, which is from a River Island sale (I think it was like £2).

'Love' and Moustache bracelets
As for earrings, I usually just wear my white gold plain ball studs, but if I want to switch it up a bit, I will wear my Moustache earrings, which were a Christmas present from my friend (but I'm pretty sure she got them at Accessorize too).

Moustache studs
I also really like my bird earrings. I got them a long time ago, but you can find similar styles online (also from Accessorize).
Bird earrings
I have been also wearing rings, my two favourites being my carrot ring and my bow ring, which Mum got from a small oriental shop. She bought the carrot because of my nickname (which is often shortened to Rabbz, hahah). 

Carrot and Bow rings

The rabbit and pig rings are from Topshop, and I like how they are 3D.

Topshop rings
I still haven't found any nice necklaces, since I lost my beloved genie lamp necklace. *sad face*

I hope this didn't bore you too much!

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  1. I hardly wear any jewellery, yet I have quite alot xx

    1. Yeah! I can never be bothered to spend time thinking about what to wear, hahah :) xx


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