Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dupe Scoop: Benefit Watt's Up & Rimmel Wake Me Up

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I was going to do a review of one of Benefit's highlighters today, but I picked up the new Rimmel highlighter after ballet and thought I'd do a comparison review instead. I'm going to call these posts 'Dupe Scoops' (yes, I know :L). Let me know if you like these, or if you prefer single product reviews.

Today, we have the Benefit Watt's Up highlighter, and the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Shimmer Touch in 004 (Shimmering Sand).

The highlighters
The Rimmel highlighter comes in a squeezy tube, and feels like a mouse on the skin. The Benefit one however, is a stick formula and can be rubbed on, like a lipstick for your face (ooh, how poetic of me!).

Wind-up and squeezy tube

Both require blending, but the latter is easier to work into the skin.

Top: Benefit
Bottom: Rimmel
The only issue with the Rimmel one is that you can easily squeeze out too much. For example, the amount shown in the picture above is enough for your whole face.

The Benefit one is a little thicker, and a tad harder to blend evenly in my opinion, although the stick formula is more fool-proof than its rival. It comes with a sponge on the end, but to be honest, it's too small and not very practical. 

Le Sponge

The products have different consistencies, but once blended in, look the same. Also, the wear of the products is almost identical on my face (I have normal skin with a very slightly oily T-zone).

Top left: Benefit
Bottom right: Rimmel
I had the same experience using both products, so I guess the deciding factor is the price. The Rimmel Wake Me Up costs £4.99, and the Benefit Watt's Up is £24.50. You get 14ml of Rimmel product, which doesn't sound very much, but will last longer than you think. The Benefit one is 9.4g, which will last the best part of a year, if not all of it. 

In conclusion, Rimmel wins, even if I very slightly preferred the Benefit one. It offers an extremely similar product for a fraction of the price. Sorry, Benefit!

Both products are available from Boots in the UK.

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  1. OOh tough choice, I do love BeneFit though xx

    1. Yeah, I think it's the price that makes me choose tbh :) xoxo

  2. I love your blog fatemah just came across it! keep up the good work hun its very enjoyable to read! :-D
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    1. Hahah thanks! you have a lovely blog :) x


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