Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butters

It's not that I'm exactly late on the bandwagon with this product, it's just that the first one I bought, I didn't really like. I didn't hate it- it was sort of a 'meh' moment for me. The colour (Cotton Candy) didn't really look that nice on my lips. To be honest, I had so many other products with a similar effect but in better colours, I forgot all about these lip butters.

My two shades (L-Raspberry Pie, R-Cotton Candy)

A few days ago I was shopping with my friend, and I swatched some of the new colours in the range. I fell in love with the colour "Raspberry Pie" and decided to give them another go.

010, Raspberry Pie

Raspberry Pie is a creamy colour with no glitter, and one of the main reasons I didn't like Cotton Candy was because it had small flakes of gold glitter in it.

One coat of Raspberry Pie

I love the consistency and I always have, so I have been wearing the new colour a lot! It really is the bee's knees, especially for this time of year. I really like the packaging too, its really classy and not at all cheap looking- unlike some of the things one sees in pharmacies.

Revlon Lip Butter packaging

Sorry I have been away for a while!


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