Saturday, 16 March 2013

What's In My Bag? (Ballet Edition)

Hello people!

I have been awful on the blogging front recently, but today I had my ballet exam and I thought it would be cool to show you what I take with me to lessons, etc. Hope you enjoy!

My bag is a flowery gym-style bag from an H&M sale last year. I really like it, because it's big but it doesn't scream 'SPORTS BAG COMING THROUGH!' when you walk down the street (not that any bag would, Fatemeh...).


First off, I have a resealable bag which houses a spare leotard and a spare pair of tights, since my attire compulsively fails me when I go to dance.


I also have the biggest bottle of deodorant in the world, because dancing is not as forgiving on the nose, as it is on the eyes.


In the bag that came with my pointe shoes, I keep my wrap skirt and some black shorts. I like to wear something  over my leotard if it's a little more chilly in the studio.

Shorts and skirt

Then we just have my soft shoes, which are an absolute atrocity to look at. Satin and studio floors are clearly not the best of buddies.

Soft shoes

I also keep a little purse with needles and thread, in case I need to mend something quickly. It's actually rather handy.

Sewing kit

I have a small notebook and a pen, in case I want to write something my teacher says. We rarely sit and take notes properly though, because my teacher likes you to learn things from doing them over and over.


I obviously carry water around too, because I get thirsty really quickly.

Vittel (my fav)

Finally, I have my pointe shoes in a small laundry bag. They are very similar to proper pointe shoe bags, but obviously, a fraction of the price, and still breathable. I also keep my ouch pouches (yes, that is the real name!) in there. My pointe shoes are Grishko 2007s, and I love them. Thinking about doing a whole post on getting pointe shoes etc. because I love reading about other people and their pointes.

Pointe shoes!

I hope this hasn't been too boring, but I promise I have some exciting things coming up soon!

Thanks for reading!


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